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    Mobile App, Website

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    Epicor Prophet 21

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Overview & Challenges

Spruce Industries Mobile App, Website

Critical Business Requirements

A renowned US based provider of all kinds of janitorial supply products, cleaning supplies, tools and equipment has been delivering products through physical stores for more than 50 years. The client realized a dire need of virtual selling and streamlined processes in order to double their business growth before 2020. Navsoft understood their business goals and delivered an end-to-end solution to boost the company’s revenue.

  • The client needed B2B Commerce platform that would boost their sales and optimize unprecedented buyer experience.
  • The client's major concern was to continue using Epicor’s Prophet 21 ERP system using which they were managing their business from order entry to warehouse, from financial management to purchasing.
  • The client was needed an integrated B2B commerce solution where back end would be connected to their Epicor ERP system for bi-directional syncing of the order, stock, and customer data.
  • The client needed an inventory management system to keep track of their stocks, keep the buyers updated about stocks and get unavailability alerts from the B2B commerce store.
  • The client needed an advanced dashboard for detailed reporting across sales, products, orders, payments and more to be able to execute data driven business decisions.

The client wanted to double their sales through online B2B Commerce store and we have delivered a fully integrated B2B commerce platform to boost the client’s sales powered by a robust back end management for seamless operations management. We understood the complexity of integrating the client's Epicor Prophet 21 environment with our B2B commerce platform. We built custom integrator that has mapped to the client's uniquely configured Epicor ERP system and established a connector between the ERP and our B2B Commerce platform.

Measurable Results

The client emphasised to bring their B2B business online and achieve rapid sales growth through easy and engaging buyer experience. Also, the company was managing all their products, stocks, orders in the Epicor Prophet 21 ERP system that they wanted to modernize and bring everything at one place. We analysed their processes and got a clear understanding of their business goals. The platform we delivered helped the client achieve following benefits:


Sales Conversion Rate Increased


Returning Customer Rate Increased


Productivity Rate Increased


Order Processing Time Reduced

Key Takeaways

The client witnessed over 40 percent sales growth in conversion rate by delivering hassle-free orders to the B2B buyers through product configuration and reordering. The back end solution allowed the client to manage their online orders, shipments, customers, payments, taxes etc. We also integrated the client’s Epicor Prophet 21 ERP system which helped them to view and manage all their customers, products, orders, payments, shipments, etc. from single back end system.

01. Bi-Directional Data Syncing

We have integrated the client's Epicor Prophet 21 ERP system with their online B2B store and automatically sync their product catalog, customer details, orders.

02. Unique Product Configuration

Our B2B store provides complex, rules-based product configuration feature to create a seamless online build-to-order experience.

03. Central Inventory with Auto Stock Syncing

Products & stocks are synced from the Epicor ERP system to the B2B store along with attributes and real-time pricing so that customers can always see the latest updated stock info.

04. Integrated Order Fulfillment Process

New orders were pushed from the B2B store into Epicor ERP which allowed the client to review orders and process fulfillment. It helped the client to review all new orders, correct any issues and import corrected orders.

05. Real-Time Shipment Tracking

Order shipment records are pushed back to the B2B store from the client’s ERP system, update the order status and populate the order tracking fields for buyer reference.

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