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For over two decades and counting, Navsoft has been the leader in the software services industry. Founded in 1999 by Ms. Priyanka Rungta, we have grown today into a 400-member team of software development experts, project managers, and Business Transformation leaders.

Need Developers, our strategic outsourcing arm, is made up of cross-functional experts who have worked on several projects across industries and use cases. We take great pride in bringing all of our knowledge to every project we undertake and doing the right thing by you.

Here’s a sneak peek into the culture we have proudly built over the years.


When We Focus On The Individual, The System Thrives

Navsoft is an equal opportunity employer and follows globally accepted HR practices. We believe that a culture of creativity can only thrive when every individual is empowered to be their best selves at work, every day.

Some of our programs and interventions include

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    A comprehensive rewards and recognition program that goes beyond standard norms of rewards and encapsulates the principles of timely feedback, pride in our work, and clear, goal-based rewards.

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    Our learning and development initiative is one of the few in the world that encourages cross-functional expertise. We believe that experts become experts when they get multiple opportunities to exercise their creative muscle, no matter what the context might be.

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    Health Benefits

    Our healthcare program encompasses not just the individual and their spouses, but also their parents, a culture we are proud to uphold in India.

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    All work and no play makes no sense, indeed. With initiatives such as extended time off for life events, community lunches, and facetime with CXOs as an organic intervention, we have harnessed the true potential of a company that becomes more than just a business endeavor.

Leadership Team

  • Priyanka Rungta
    Priyanka Rungta


  • Abhishake Rungta
    Abhishake Rungta


  • Sandeep Palod
    Sandeep Palod


  • Apurba Hazra
    Apurba Hazra

    VP - Delivery

  • Shivantika Rungta
    Shivantika Rungta

    VP - Sales and Marketing

  • Rajkrishna Roy
    Rajkrishna Roy

    VP - Solutions

  • Suraj Khemka
    Suraj Khemka

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Cris D'Annunzio
    Cris D'Annunzio

    Head - Sales, USA

  • Bikram Chakraborty
    Bikram Chakraborty

    System Administrator

Life @ Navsoft

Navsoft’s dedicated agile software team strongly focuses on technology-driven needs imparting duties with efficiency and competency in our modern production facility. This coupled with continued innovation and technical upgradation are our keys to success.


Quality Assurance

Being a CMMI Level 3 & ISO 9001 certified company our Quality Assurance Team ensures compliance of well-defined processes and guidelines that meet with the highest industry standards and defined best practices. It is a combination of tools, processes, regulations and teamwork that assure excellent quality standards are maintained during the development lifecycle and the deliverables complies with client’s business needs and expectations.

Our skilled QA team get involved in projects on a dedicated or on-demand basis and the allocation is determined by the project size and complexity. The following 3 Step Process & Approach is followed to produce robust, scalable and quality solutions.

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  • about image
    Defect Identification
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    Defect Reporting
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    Defect Tracking
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    Usability Testing
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  • 800+
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