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Why Choose Need Developers?

Our Dedicated Hiring Solutions seamlessly integrates with your own development facility and ensures expert and reliable professional services with significant cost savings (nearly 50% of your expenses). Combining the efforts and skills of a highly experienced team along with predictability of a well-documented process, our offshore dedicated teams are a perfect answer to your outsourcing requirements.

We become your extended and virtual back office as our developers work exclusively on your project - 8 hours per day and 22 days a month. They not only report directly to you but also provide daily updates, periodic demos and can be communicated through skype, email or phone depending on your convenience. This eliminates all the hassles of recruiting full time employees along with its associated costs.

Why Should You Outsource?

When you want your business to stand out in the fierce competition of the global market, and see your brand flag fluttering way on top, there is much more to be done than just optimizing efficiency, cutting costs and providing great customer service!

You need to focus on your core business and eliminate all worries relating to manpower management, infrastructure costs, hardware issues, etc. Time is also of essence and to reach your goals within the timeframes, you need the right people with the right skills. Hence, the one word answer to take care of all the above issues and sharpen your competitive edge in the race is through outsourcing.

Here are some reasons why should zero in all the more for Outsourcing!

  • Long Term Cost Savings of Upto 50%
  • Own Full Rights of IPR & Source Code
  • Scale Resources Up, Down or Discontinue At Will
  • Benefits From Hiring Domain & Specialized Experts
  • Monitor Daily Progress & Have Full Control Over Project
  • Eliminate Worries for Hardware Upgrade & Software Licensing
  • Zero Spend On Infrastructure & Capital Costs
  • Focus On Core Cusiness
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