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Overview & Challenges

Trust Smart Solutions Android App, Website

The Jordan based company is providing integrated Fintech solutions to the local and regional markets. The company has decided to invest in Retail POS software so that small, medium or large retailers who have multiple retail outlets can easily use their POS terminal and software to run their business and streamline their retail operations. Following are the key requirements of the client for this Retail POS software:

  • The client wanted to build the retail POS software in such a way so that it can be installed and run on the PAX Vending Machine or PAX POS hardware seamlessly.
  • The client needed to have full visibility and centralized control of the retail POS system from one to many retail stores
  • The client wanted the Retail POS System to be integrated seamlessly with other external systems like accounting, ecommerce, and ERP.
  • The client needed to manage multiple store outlets having centralized inventory for seamless stock transfer.
  • The client wanted to have online/offline data syncing in the retail POS system so that POS terminal software can work without internet connectivity.
  • The client wanted to have multiple merchandising hierarchy groups for reporting structure.

Navsoft has built an android based Retail POS System for a Jordanian business house that helped them to sell, manage, report and grow their chain of retail business effortlessly. Our POS system supports a wide range of hardware POS store terminals and can be integrated seamlessly with other external systems via RESTful APIs. Our retail POS system comes with following key capabilities:

Measurable Results

Our retail POS system has solved the problem of capturing sells in retail outlets by cashiers and established seamless flow of cash management and sales register. Our retail POS system is supported by an integrated backend system from where store owner manages all products, categories, suppliers, cashiers, stocks & inventory, brands, offers & promotions and store settings. Our client has achieved following key metrics by using our retail POS system:


Order Rate


Productivity Rate


Traffic Rate


Delivery Time

Key Takeaways

Our android based retail POS system helps small, medium and large merchants (retail store owner having multiple outlets) to have full visibility and centralized control of one to many retail stores. Retailers can easily use our POS software to run their business and streamline their retail operations like sells, inventory & stock control, suppliers, customers, purchase orders and many more.

01. Cash Drawer

Hardware connected cash drawer for the cashier to manage all cash transactions from the POS terminal. Cashier can either add money to drawer or remove money from drawer as necessary.

02. Store Promotions & Offers

Cashier can check present offers available within the store and update the same to the customers. All the offers and promotions can be created from POS backend.

03. Hardware Integration

Our retail POS can be integrated with other devices like personal identification (PIN) data entry devices, bump bar devices, cash drawer, MSR, Key Lock, fiscal printers, scales, scanner, etc.

04. Different Pricing Levels

Our retail POS supports different pricing levels like SKU specific pricing, mix-and-match pricing, quantity based pricing etc. and it reflects the permanent and temporary assignment of a new retail price to items sold by the retailer.

05. Drawer On/Off

Our retail POS reflects multiple records for each kind of amount in each drawer. Each record has an opening balance, a set of movement indicators, summarizing movements in and out of the drawer, and the closing balance.

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