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    Real Estate

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    Mobile App, Website

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    Native Android & iPhone App

Overview & Challenges

The Analyst Pro Mobile App, Website

Critical Business Requirements

The client is a leading real estate consulting firm in the United States. The client was planning to build a smart & innovative real-estate analytic app for the client with a focus to help real estate professionals to release their important property information, analyze various data, communicate with buyers, etc. The user side of the app has helped the buyers to analyze their property profitability, calculate ROI and more.

  • The client wanted to build a subscription based commercial real estate analysis app for the commercial practitioners.
  • The client required a powerful suite of real estate business analysis tools that specializes in commercial real estate property information exchange and marketing.
  • The client wanted an engagement app which will encourage users to add their properties, company information, etc. and analyze property profitability from anywhere in the world.
  • The client wanted to help real estate professionals to analyze properties and calculate mortgages without a hassle and stay at the forefront of the competition.
  • There was a need to have a centralized cloud storage system for all commercial real estate property documents so users can quickly view and modify documents anytime, from anywhere.
  • The client required a real estate app that can generate leads through various processes.

Navsoft has delivered a smart & innovative real-estate analysis tool that is packed with important business features like property analysis reports, property mapping, investment calculators, lead generators, video training, and etc. - all in a one app.

Measurable Results

Navsoft has delivered the hassle-free financial analysis experience for commercial properties and produce advanced analysis reports. We took part in brainstorming ideas and helped the company achieve a huge user base across United States and edge out the competition. The platform we delivered helped the client gain following benefits:


Profitability Increased


Investment Risk Reduced


Net Operating Income Increased


CAP Rate Increased

Key Takeaways

The solution allowed users to analyze commercial real estate profitability and return on investment as well as helped them analyze environmental risks. The app also allows the real estate professionals to analyze real estate investment of rental house as well as office building. It helped the professionals identify the current CAP Rate for a property and accurately calculate the future sales price of the property.

01. Investment Analysis

The app creates a detailed Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis report for 5 and 10 years, before or after tax. It has the ability to create this comprehensive report with a minimum amount of time and inputs.

02. Comparative Lease Analysis

It allows a multi-page analysis from both the Tenant and the Landlord Perspectives and deliver an extensive Summary and Detail PDF Report.

03. Loan Amount Analysis

This Lease vs. Own report calculates NPV (Net Present Value) and IRR (Internal Rate of Return) methods which helps real estate users make the difficult decision

04. Area Measurement Tool

It enables you to measure area of your property in units like square feet, square meters, acres or hectares. It allows you measure any property in the world.

05. IRR and NPV Tool

The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) & Net Present Value (NPV) tool allows you to calculate compound interest calculations over the life of your investment.

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