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    Mobile App, Navision ERP, Salesforce CRM

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    Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Overview & Challenges

Signature Systems Mobile App, Navision ERP, Salesforce CRM

Critical Business Requirements

NavSoft has upgraded and customized Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system and also integrate the ERP with Salesforce CRM for a US based industrial matting manufacturer to streamline their manufacturing process, overall operations and reduce production costs.

  • The client was struggling with a high rate of raw material scrapping, which was more than 30% of the total production which went unnoticed. Reducing the scrap rate with effective recycling was the main challenge for the client.
  • The client was looking for a solution to avoid their manual production planning and forecasting.
  • The client wanted to keep track of the scrap materials in the production process so that the finished items can have a scrap percentage defined on the item card.
  • The client required a solution to create job entry primarily to make journal with Line Type 'Both Schedule and Contract' and Type 'G/L Account' .
  • The client didn’t have an automated process that runs through all warehouse requests and automatically creates the appropriate warehouse shipments which made shipment a highly time consuming process.

NavSoft has delivered an upgraded and customized Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system to automate the client’s manufacturing and measurement processes and helped in recognizing sales forecasts to reduce costs and double up production. This helped the client to transform their critical business processes and amplify their productivity.

Measurable Results

We have analyzed the client’s existing work process and suggested the best practices which improved their overall operations. We upgraded and customized the client's existing ERP solution and established real-time synchronization between their manufacturing and sales data. Also, we delivered an IoT network based middle-ware application to streamline their manufacturing and measurement processes. The company has gained following benefits through our ungraded end-to-end solution:


Operational Cost Reduced


Productivity Rate Increased


Production Rate Increased


Production Planning Accuracy

Key Takeaways

Our integrated ERP & CRM solution has helped the global conglomerate to better understand their production planning and forecasting and made them able to create accurate purchase orders for raw materials. The middle-ware app we delivered was to solve their lengthy manufacturing tracking processes and eliminate the risk of erroneous measurement data.

01.Integrated ERP & CRM Systems

We have integrated the client's Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system with Salesforce CRM and created seamless connectivity of sales and purchase processes.

02. Smart IOT App

We built a middle-ware app and integrate it with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system that automatically captures machine pressure & temperature data through seamless synchronization.

03. Production Planning & Forecasting

We have incorporated seamless synchronization between the client’s sales data and manufacturing unit so the sales team can have a clear view on their production, sales and revenue records and anticipate demand in the market.

04. Centralized Inventory & Warehousing

We incorporated the inventory costing feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to adjust inventory values in value entries so that the correct adjusted cost can be used for updating the general ledger.

05. Auto-Shipping with Cross-Docking

We have implemented Cross-Docking for planning & distribution of the products so that as soon as the products arrived into the warehouse they will be immediately shipped out to the consumer.

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