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    Native Android & iPhone App

Overview & Challenges

Hafleet Android App

Critical Business Requirements

  • The client wanted the businesses to monitor everything related to the Admin & HR functions at one glance to make informed decisions.
  • The client required an instant price quote feature for offering business owners to get cheapest price & quick order of any expiring service.
  • The client needed to have a fast & smart mobile app for performing compulsory tasks to keep things moving and keep track of all the renewable docs & assets.
  • The client required cloud storage & file backup for upload or download personal files on Google Drive and Sky Drive easily, and access them online or offline.
  • The client needed to have an Attendance tool for automatically generating the WPS payroll at the end of every month purely based on daily marked attendance.
  • The client wanted to host the mobile app on cloud to minimize the device storage needs to access and retrieve data on the go.

The Dubai based client was needed to have a self-service mobile app to address HR, admin, attendance and payroll management issues of all business owners all at one place. We built a simple yet powerful mobile app for the client to automate their day-to-day admin & HR management functions. We have delivered a range of smart and innovative features that have simplified the flow of the entire admin & HR processes of the organization. Our office admin process automation app has following key capabilities:

Measurable Results

We have delivered a smart & innovative office automation tool to the client that has empowered the businesses to automate their day-to-day HR and office administration tasks. This office automation app has smooth transitions and seamless navigation of the office documents by easy sync options of the assets & resources are part of the process. Businesses have gained following benefits by using our office automation app:


Productivity Rate Increased


Work Efficiency Increased


Customer Satisfaction Rate Increased


Data Storage Cost Reduced

Key Takeaways

NavSoft has delivered an end-t-end office automation app that helped the client to improve their work efficiency and productivity by assigning assets to the right staff at right time in simplest way. This app allows the businesses to continuously monitoring the documents, assets and resources from anywhere and at any time. The app comes with the powerful data migration tool that enabled the organizations to make it very easy to upload data right from the desktop. The key features of this app are:

01. Powerful Dashboard

The simple yet powerful app dashboard helped the businesses to track the renewals of any expired documents, assets and resources.

02. Smart & Advanced Search

The app comes with an advanced searching feature using which businesses can easily find the assets, documents and business records.

03. Attendance & Payroll

The app offers a smart attendance system which automatically generated the WPS payroll at the end of every month purely based on daily marked attendance.

04. Smart Reminder & Notifications

The app provides a smart reminder system which automatically alerts businesses about fast approaching year-end financial closing and expired assets.

05. Cloud Based Data Storage

The office automation app has built with cloud storage capability to enhance the data storage without compromising on performance.

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