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Project Details

  • Country

    Middle-East Country

  • Industry

    Restaurant Solution

  • Technology

    iPhone App, Native Android, Website

  • Database


  • Platform

    Swift Code & Android SDK

Overview & Challenges

Afieat iPhone App, Native Android, Website

Critical Business Requirements

  • The client needed a smart online food ordering app that can help the customers to find all nearby restaurants and make their online food orders from anywhere and at any time.
  • The client was looking for an easy to use delivery app for the restaurant's deliver executives using which they can collect the ordered food items from the restaurants and then deliver them to the customers straightaway.
  • The client also needed a restaurant finder tool using which customers can easily find the restaurants based on their ratings, cost, cuisines or time taken to deliver.
  • The client wanted to have the restaurant review & rating system for users to check the credibility of a restaurant before placing the order.
  • The client wanted to display all essential details of the restaurants including menu card, opening & closing hours, minimum order amount, delivery time etc.
  • The client wanted to allow customers to get live updates and tracking of their order status from the time of ordering till it is delivered.
  • The client needed to have the email/sms based push notifications for delivery status, order placing and etc.

Manual order processing and home delivery is the most challenging part of the restaurant business. Customers are ordering the cooked foods from the restaurants and expect fresh quality of food in the shortest time. Satisfying every customer by delivering the finest quality of food in shortest time was the biggest challenge of our client who is the owner of a food chain in the middle-east country. Our smart & innovative delivery app has helped the company to streamline their order processing activities and delivering maximum number of orders in the shortest time.

Measurable Results

Our food ordering & delivery app runs on Android, iPhone and Windows platforms and built for helping the restaurant owners to maximize their productivity and reduce delays by delivering orders fast, smoothly and without any hassle. The app is built to increase efficiency and cost reduction through entire order delivery process automation ensures higher profitability. Restaurants have gained following benefits using our food ordering & delivery app:


Sales Conversion Rate


Order Processing Speed


Order Delivery Speed


Returning Customer Rate

Key Takeaways

Afieat is an innovative food ordering & delivery app built for helping the client to maximize their sales and faster order processing without any hassle. With help of our delivery app, restaurants can quickly deliver the delicious cuisines right to the customers' door. It is the fastest, easiest way to increase takeout business. Our restaurant food ordering & delivery app comes with the following key features that keep them ahead of the competition.

01. Smart Search of Local Restaurants

Intelligent search feature helps customers to easily find their nearby restaurants based on the restaurant ratings, cost, cuisines or time taken to deliver.

02. Fully Integrated Food Ordering App

Smart foods ordering app allows customers to make online order from the favorite restaurants and and get the delivery at doorstep within few minutes.

03. Real-Time Tracking of Delivery Status

Delivery tracker helps the customers to track their order delivery status in real-time right from accepting the order by restaurant till the delivery person has arrived.

04. Easy-to-use Food Delivery App

Easy to use delivery app for the deliver executives using which they can collect the ordered food items from the restaurants and then deliver them to the customers straightaway.

05. Auto-Assign of Food Orders

Delivery app comes with the custom logic for automatically assigning the restaurant orders to the delivery executives based on their locality and availability.

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