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Become A Partner & Grow Your Business

You can earn up to 25% of the total billing value by referring and bringing new clients or projects to us. Alternatively, you can become a reseller of our solutions / services by adding a markup on our rates and billing it under your name. These two partnership options/models are detailed as below:

Become our referral partner and earn an impressive commission on each successful referral through your corporate network or channel. Act as our business catalyst and introduce our products and services to companies searching for a technology partner.

  • Introduce a quality lead and earn a substantial commission on successful referral
  • Client directly billed by Need Developers.
  • End client to pay Need Developers directly.
  • Project co-ordination with client to be mostly done by Need Developers.
  • Partner to enjoy up to 25% of billing as recurring commission.

Our Reseller partner program enables you to provide our range of software services & solutions to customers with a markup (of your choice) on our prices and thereby earn attractive profits. It provides you with a great opportunity to both increase revenue as well as scale up quickly. All this without any increase in infrastructure or capital costs.

  • Sell our services & solutions at a markup (of your choice) on our prices and earn attractive profits.
  • Partner to directly bill end client.
  • End client to pay partner directly.
  • Project co-ordination with client to be mostly done by Partner.
  • Partner to enjoy recurring markup fees as per their choice
Partner Program Benefits
  • Earn High Commissions / Margins With Every Referral
  • No Overhead Expenses or Infrastructure Costs
  • Harness The Benefit of Recurring Income
  • Start Earning Almost Instantly
  • Become Part of A Highly Experienced & Winning Team
  • Marketing Experts Will Help You Close Deals
  • Target Customers From Any Vertical - Globally
  • Get An Edge With Our Diversified & Impressive Portfolio
  • Access Technical Support & Knowledge From Our Team
  • Entry Into New Market & Geographics
  • Seize Future Potential With Emerging Technologies
  • Amplify Your Business Network & Increase Profit Percentage

4 Quick Steps To Become A Partner

  • STEP 1
    Fill In & Submit
    The Below Form
  • STEP 2
    Discuss & Finalize
  • STEP 3
    Sign Partnership
  • STEP 4
    Start Earning
Partner Up Now

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    Frequently Asked Partnership Questions
    • Q. Who can become a Partner?

      • Any corporate, firm, partnership or individual is eligible to become a Partner.

    • Q. What is the Role of a Partner?

      • The primarily role of a Partner (irrespective of being a Referral Partner or a Reseller) is to bring in clients or projects to us. You can directly close the order with our guidance or refer the interested client to us for doing the needful. Moreover, a Partner can also act as a mediator to ensure best possible communication and thereby minimize any loss in translation.

    • Q. What is difference between a Referral Partner & Reseller Partner?

      • A Referral Partner is one who refers clients directly to us and earns a commission on the billing amount. The billing to the client is directly in our company name. A Reseller Partner is one who bills directly to the client (in its individual/company name) after adding a markup fee/amount on our rates/prices. As they resell our services they have the added flexibility to either allow us to connect and interact with client or alternatively to directly interact and deal with client themselves. Sometimes in case of the latter; the end client might not know of our presence as for all practical purposes they are dealing with the reseller partner only.

    • Q. What will be a Referral Partner’s commissions?

      • The commission earnings of a Referral Partner of Need Developers can be as high as 25%. There is virtually no overhead expenditure required to be made by the partner. Our aim is to build up a long lasting relationship and we put in our best efforts to ensure the same.

    • Q. When will commission payments be made to the Referral Partner?

      • Commission payments are made on a monthly basis (we follow a month to month billing cycle). Commission is paid in the first week of the following month, based on the total amount of commission earned during the preceding month. Please note the commissions are only valid on contracts being properly executed and paid for.

    • Q. What will be a Reseller Partner’s Markup fee/amount?

      • Technically there is no limit on the quantum / percentage of markup on our quoted prices as it is entirely the Reseller Partner’s decision. However, from our experience we have seen that a mark-up beyond a reasonable % (of our prices) could makes it unviable for the end client. Thus to get regular and increased business one might need to maintain pricing as prevailing in the market.

    • Q. When will this fee/amount be received by the Reseller Partner?

      • We strictly follow a month to month billing cycle and will be billing the Reseller Partner on a monthly basis. Now as the Reseller Partner is directly billing to the end client they have to mutually work out the billing cycle and payment terms with the end client, though ideally it should be on a monthly basis and correspond back to back with our billing. By doing so the differential markup can be coordinated and received simultaneously by the Reseller Partner.

    • Q. Can you be a Referral Partner & Reseller Partner at the same time?

      • No you cannot be a Referral Partner & a Reseller Partner at the same time. You have to choose between one of these options/models.

    • 9. How does one become a Partner?

      • You just need to follow the following 4 simple steps: 1. Fill In and Submit the above Form 2. Discuss and Finalize Terms 3. Sign Partnership Agreement 4. Start Earning Commission

    • Q. When can a Partner start earning commission / markup amount/fees?

      • You become a Partner as soon as you sign the partnership agreement. Subsequently, you are free to bring in projects / clients and start earning your commission / markup fees as the case may be.

    • Q. What support can the Partner get?

      • We assist our Partners by sharing our marketing collateral and training them on Need Developers services to familiarize them with the same. We also keep having regular discussions and meetings with our Partners on phone/skype to discuss their challenges, issues and answer queries (if any). At every stage, from entering into a partnership with us to bringing in projects, our team of experts will be there.

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