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Ensuring Safety, Scalability & Reliability With Our Secure & Intelligent Ops

Being a top-notch custom software development company for over 2 decades our robust infrastructure, tight security and digital initiatives enable our clients to scale, be secure, stay up to date with the industry trends and rapidly deploy resources.

It is designed with stringent correctness, absolute efficiency, reliability and maintainability for all essential applications. With round-the-clock emergency and disaster recovery facilities, the physical safety of our infrastructure along with all its data are completely secure. In addition to safety, it’s the quality and performance of the most advanced cutting-edge technology that our infrastructure employs which makes all the difference at the execution level.

Here Is How
  • 24/7 power availability and CCTV surveillance for better security
  • Scalable network architecture and systems
  • Cluster environment with multiple servers working simultaneously
  • Provision of disaster recovery & regular data backup
  • Client server maintenance, management & consultation
  • Sub Versioning for developer to maintain files such as source code, web pages, documents etc.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Our robust disaster recovery and restoration plans through testing drills and simulations in case of crisis or disasters ensure proper business continuity. Besides being replicated in the backup server, there is a complete, automatic backup of all data on Amazon AWS.

  • Data Replication
  • Backup Cloud Servers
  • Auto Backups
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Advanced Firewall: Business-grade high-level firewall ensures increased protection and secured access to the company’s network.
  • Latest Antivirus: Complete cyber security from malware and various unknown virus threats
  • Code Security: AWS Security Group ensures complete code database security with restricted accessibility
  • Secured digital workplace and Data Protection: Complete data protection with SOPHOS, Firewall, biometric access, 24/7 power availability & CCTV surveillance.
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